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New BalticDiag Truck Diagnostic Updates:

CATerpillar diagnostic solution available now with Panasonic Toughbook CF-19. Original CAT adapter made in Canada is the best choice for your CAT/Perkins machines. Check out it here. Contact us for more information.
FREE download! MAN truck fault codes manual. Check out what problems you have, repair it and delete fault codes with high quality MAN CATS T200 diagnostic solution available with laptop.
Limited edition MAN CATS T200 by Bosch is available. It can be sold out soon, so contact us for order or reservation for 2-3 days.
Scania latest version SDP 2.27 available now with laptop and VCI2 or VCI3.
Panasonic ToughBook CF-30 and Panasonic ToughBook CF-53 diagnostic laptops available now to order, limited quantity.
SALE! Panasonic ToughBook CF-19 laptop price as DELL D630. Get rugged laptop for lowest price! Contact us
Panasonic ToughBook CF-31 has been sold out! But do not panic, we have to offer for you another great solution - High-Quality Panasonic ToughBook CF-52 MK2 with i5 M520 processor and 15 inch wide touch screen, more information here. Also do not forget smaller brother Panasonic ToughBook CF-19, available now!
NEW Youtube channel upload today! Scania truck diagnostic solution VCI3 user functions list. More videos about all range heavy-duty diagnostic tools - construction, agriculture, truck equipment coming soon. Stay tuned and subscribe our channel.
Our Youtube channel today was updated with Scania truck diagnostic solution VCI2 video. More videos about all range heavy-duty diagnostic tools - construction, agriculture, truck equipment coming soon. Stay tuned and subscribe our channel.
Check out our latest video of DAF/Paccar truck diagnostic solution. We recommend to subscribe our Youtube channel.
Scania latest version SDP 2.26 available now with laptop and VCI2 or VCI3.
We announce that our diagnostic solution family joins latest SD connect C5 with newest firmware and database. We packed it with Panasonic ToughBook for better experience and faster work. High-Quality heavy-duty equipment for professionals!
Follow latest information, updates, news, tips and discounts via our Twitter account. Also we happy to communicate with you via Facebook and check our latest videos via Youtube channel. GET IN TOUCH!
We always try our best to provide for our clients and visitors most information as possible, so we started to develope our information database. You will find all information about truck, heavy-duty, agro diagnostic solutions here in our information database

TOP 8 recent purchases:

Country City Purchased item Transaction date
Greece diagnostic Greece ATHENS (LAPTOP INCLUDED) MAN CATS 2 2016-10-21
Croatia diagnostic Croatia HRVATSKA (LAPTOP INCL.) VOCOM 2016-10-18
Serbia diagnostic Serbia Subotica (LAPTOP INCLUDED) MAN CATS T200 WITH WIFI 2016-10-17
Oman diagnostic Oman Muscat (LAPTOP INCLUDED) MAN CATS T200 WITH WIFI 2016-10-12
Morocco diagnostic Morocco Casablanca (LAPTOP INCLUDED) MAN CATS T200 WITH WIFI + MC3 2016-10-12
Sweden diagnostic Sweden Malmo (LAPTOP INCL.) VOCOM 2016-10-11
Germany diagnostic Germany Berlin (LAPTOP INCL.) VOCOM 2016-10-10
Peru diagnostic Peru Cuzco (LAPTOP INCL.) FULL 2016 MERCEDES-BENZ SD CONNECT C4 SOLUTION 2016-10-07

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After conversation thru email with BalticDiag support I found out that for my needs it is better to have one professional tool instead of two and this choice was less expensive.
,— Gabriel L.
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I paid for UPS express delivery and it was as fast as I thought. Very helpful support, high quality product. Good luck!
,— Hans B.
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Delivery was 2 days late, but I have received a discount for another diagnostic tool. Delivery mistakes, but BalticDiag team is very helpful!
,— Nyue A.
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