With around 80% of electric vehicle (EV) drivers charging their cars at home, installing a home charging point is evidently worthwhile! If you have a longer commute or need to regularly drive long distances, then you will want to install a dedicated 240 volt EV charger at home. But what is a home charging point and what are the perks of installing an EV charger? BALTICDIAG specialist researches bring 5 reasons why to get an EV Charger:



  • Convenience. 
  • Safety.
  • Charge your Car From Green Energy.
  • Faster Charging.
  • Perfect Blend Between Technology And Design

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Similar to topping up the battery life for your EV from a public charging station, a home charging point simply involves charging your car from the comfort of your own home.

You can charge your electric vehicle from your home via one of two ways:

  1. By making use of the slow charger provided with the EV. This process uses a standard 3-pin plug to take power from your domestic supply.
  2. Installing a wall charging point on the side of your house or in a garage. This standalone EV charger is wired directly into your domestic electricity supply.




1. High Convenience


Topping up your electric vehicle at home is a stress free perk of EV ownership. By installing a home EV charger you have more control over when you can charge your car and for how long. Gone are the days of having to leave early for work to fuel up. Or having to use your Satnav to find the closet petrol station. Now, you can simply charge your car outside your front door. 

Compared to the standard public chargers, home EV Chargers charge a lot quicker! It typically takes 4 to 6 hours to fully charge an electric car using a Level 2 charger (mounted wall chargers that possess around 240 charging volts). With home EV charging there is no waiting around a public charging point for hours. You can simply leave your car plugged in overnight while you sleep and wake up to a fully charged car!

high convienence ev cahrger


2. Safety EV Charger


high safety ev charger

Keeping your EV at home is safer for both you and your car. Charging your EV in a public space can take a while (as previously mentioned). While your EV is topping up at a public location such as a parking lot, your vehicle is exposed to risks including theft, vandalisation, and natural elements such as hailstorms. Topping up your Electric vehicle in the comfort of your own home helps avoid all these potential dangers.

24 safety monitoring items
Hardware + software dual protection
Charger failure below 1%
Unexpected charging interruption below 0.1%


3. Charge your Car With Green Energy.


Modern home charging points such as Solar or Wind Energy. This means instead of paying for dirty energy from the grid, you can charge your EV on your surplus green energy! As long as you have a system installed of course. Charging your electric car at home with solar or wind power is one of the most cost-saving and green solutions available. Nonetheless, if you don’t have a renewable energy system installed there is no need to worry. There are other ways to reduce your carbon footprint. With a home EV charger, the power is in your hands, and you can choose a green energy tariff to provide power to your home and your EV!

green energy ev charger


4. Faster Charging 


autel faster charing

You don’t need to wait for a public charging point to become available, and home chargers for electric cars can often be faster than public chargers – especially if you opt for a Level 2 charger.

Thanks to the new MaxiCharger AC Wallbox, recharging your electric vehicle will be simpler, safer, and more efficient than charging it with a normal domestic socket.

MaxiCharger AC Wallbox is 480kW Fast Charging with Dynamic Power Allocation; Liquid cooling Cable, max. current 500A per plug; Can
charge up to four vehicles in parallel, >95% high efficiency, new design of power module topology, new materials of silicon carbide.


5. Perfect Blend Between Technology And Design


The new MaxiCharger AC Wallboxes by Autel is the perfect match of design and innovation and represent a great example of pure technology. Available in different colors, they suit all environments. We have created a concept that is excellent both for domestic and commercial use.
EV Chargers integrate perfectly with the environment thanks to the choice of five elegant and stylish colors.

autel colors palete maxicharger




AC Wallbox creates smart charging systems that combine innovative technology with outstanding design. Our intelligent charging solutions allow communication between vehicle, network, building and charger and make charging electric vehicles smoothly and easily. We offer chargers for easy home charging as well as public charging points to make the switch to fully electric.

EV Charger Wall






Leakage current detection 
TypeB RDC Functions: 30mA AC + 6mA DC Detection

Safety protection circuit  

Surge protection


Can be controlled by RFID Card

Autel MaxiCharger support Bluetooth et Wi-Fi, 4G and Ethernet connection

EV Charger outstanding

Industry-leading thermal performance even in extreme environment and high performance thermal insulation material

Perfect for Indoor & Outdoor usage


EV CHARGER Local energy

Autel EV Charger has built-in Active Load Management and Dynamic Load Balancing Technology module to optimise charging experience.

EV CHARGER longer life

 Extend the battery life significantly

20% LONGER life span expected

EV CHARGER 3year warranty

 3-year unconditional warranty.

Customer service departments are available through the whole Europe



Why choosing MaxiCharger AC Wallbox



Constant technological progress in sustainable mobility is rapidly expanding across Europe. One of the leading challenges these days is to guarantee more and more widespread charging points for electrical vehicles. This is the main reason that pushed Autel to launch its own personal line of wallboxes, innovative devices that support quick and safe charging for EVs. Discover one of our models for domestic and commercial environments: the Maxicharger AC Wallbox.


Complete control with

MaxiCharge App 

for Android and iOS


Managing your Autel MaxiChager AC Wallbox will be child's play thanks to our Autel MaxiCharge app.

You will be able to keep monitoring your MaxiCharger AC Wallbox, checking the charge status of the vehicle and programming many functions, directly from your smartphone.

Download it from the Google Play Store or from the Apple App Store.


MaxiCharger is always connected


Stay connected and monitor the functions of your MaxiCharger AC Wallbox. You can choose between two types of connectivity. The first one: you can insert the SIM card of your favorite telephone service through a convenient side slot

The second one: you can connect the device directly to your domestic or commercial line, through a Ethernet RJ45 port. Two features to make the most of the full potential of MaxiCharger Ac Wallbox.


Charging Management Software


With our one-stop SaaS solution, you can manage your charging network easily, intelligently and insightfully. 

  • Optimize your EV charge routine 
  • Receive notifications when charging is completed.
  • Control your smart home charging 
  • Track your EV battery health while charging

A P P 

Support Every Step of Usage


Autel Maxicharger App is a unique EV charging platform, providing you the ability to manage and control multiple chargers.

  • Start and end charge process remotely
  • Installation Guide Video
  • Set Price: charging price settings 
  • Notifications, Charge History, etc.


Use APP to track, manage, and optimize EV charging

Mobile App

1. Optimize your EV charge routine to complement your lifestyle & energy tariff. Start, stop, schedule charging remotely.

2. Receive notifications when charging is completed.

3. Control your smart home charging unit via Autel Charge App.

4. Track your EV battery health while charging.


MaxiCharge Charging

Management Software


With our one-stop SaaS(Software as a service) solution, you can manage your charging network easily, intelligently and insightfully. Our charging management software lets you track and manage your charging network right from your smartphone or computer.




Input/Output power rating and current:


  • If the charger is single phase 7kW, the calculation is: 230V* 32A=7.360kW
  • If the charger is three-phase 11kW, the calculation is: 230V* 16A*3=11.04kW
  • If the charger is three-phase 22kW, the calculation is: 230V* 32A*3=22.08kW

Possible Colors:


Rose Gold

Dark Grey






Tethered 5m