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No matter how much rubber or other hardly breakable material manufacturers use to secure the hardware, diagnostic tools sometimes break down. We experienced that technicians and mechanics are usually working in rough conditions where scan tools tend to wear away at a faster pace than in other service sectors.


The common issues mechanics face are: broken screens, damaged OBD2 connectors, electronics (for old devices) or blocked diagnostic scanners due to incorrect updating. Thus, we are ready to help you even though the code reader, OBD2 scanner or other garage equipment is not bought from us or its warranty has expired. Therefore, lower your costs – fix it instead of throwing away!


If you have a non-functioning diagnostic tool contact us and provide us with the following information:


  1. Product name
  2. Product identification code (warranty code if the tool is bought from us)
  3. Explain the problem (which component(s) is not working, how it was damaged, have you tried to fix it yourself?)
  4. Attach some pictures of the device


Beware not to remove the seal if you still have a warranty on the device!