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As a result of the fast growth of the number of electronic components used in various machines, as well as the complexity of the electronic systems, there is an increasing need for specific diagnostic equipment. This equipment can assist in the troubleshooting process and can help to set newly installed components in order to get the machine up and running again.

Depending on the electronic system used in the machine, you have the possibility to access the electronic components either via the built-in dashboard, or via a handset or software interface.

BALTICDIAG offers a wide variety of diagnostic equipment for various makes used in the segments in which BALTICDIAG is active.

Our company can offer you the optimal diagnostic tool for heavy duty vehicles, simply because excellent knowledge of the devices we sell, we know them to the last detail and only we will be able to train You how to work or to consult on the issues during the advise.

Our team has accumulated many years of experience working with the same wide variety of truck diagnostic equipment. Direct contact with the best known manufacturers of diagnostic equipment: Jaltest, TEXA, AlienTech, Autel, MAGIC MOTOSPORT

We guarantee you the most favorable price for a quality product and service.