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23 Apr Efficient and Eco-Friendly: A Guide to Dry Ice Cleaning and Blasting
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Dry ice cleaning is a state-of-the-art technology that leverages the unique properties of dry ice. This environmentally sustainable method provides an effective alternative to traditional cleaning p..
31 Oct Rev Up for Savings: Jaltest BLACK FRIDAY Special Promotion!
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 Unlock the Power of Extended and New Licenses with Jaltest BLACK FRIDAY Promotion!  Are you ready to turbocharge your diagnostic capabilities? Look no further because Jaltest is here with an ..
16 Jun Streamlining Agricultural Operations with JALTEST ISOBUS: Enhancing Efficiency and Precision
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In today's fast-paced agricultural landscape, efficiency and precision are crucial for successful farming operations. As technology advances, farmers and operators are constantly seeking innovative ..
27 Jun 5 Reasons To Get An EV Charger
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With around 80% of electric vehicle (EV) drivers charging their cars at home, installing a home charging point is evidently worthwhile! If you have a longer commute or need to regularly drive long dis..
16 Jun Jaltest or Texa - Which one to choose?
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Are you a mechanic shop that works on heavy-duty engines and marine vessels? Then you know the importance of having high-quality and reliable diagnostic hardware and software. However, the market’s hi..
20 May TOP 5 Best Diagnostic Tools for Trucks In 2022
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 One of the best investments you can make is Truck Scan Tool, and it doesn’t matter if you’re a professional mechanic, or just someone who wants to avoid expensive diagnostic fees at your local de..
04 May Our Distribution Network Has Been Expanded By GYS!
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We are pleased to announce that our distribution network has been expanded by GYS! We are now authorized and official distributors of this company. About Our New Partners:GYS is a French Indust..
18 Feb -45% for JALTEST ETM – EBS Brakes Test Module
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Special price for Jaltest Electronic Test Module! 585* Euro plus shipping! Regular price is 1078 Euro.Price includes: ETM Interface V9 with 6 pcs. Diagnostic cables for EBS modules.Diagnostic cables f..
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