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What is the difference between BALTICDIAG Tools and other cheaper ones?


First of all we offer Genuine OEM quality diagnostic solutions, which surpasses "Chinese clones" in almost every way in terms of quality of hardware and software. Also we check every order before dispatching: run tests and other quality assurance procedures are done.


Does your prices include taxes (e.g. VAT)?


Prices shown on the website does not include VAT, as most of our customers are companies or out of EU.

If you are EU customer, buying as individual we will add VAT to your purchase. If company - we will issue VAT free invoice.

For all other countries, we sell VAT free.


Which payment methods can I use when ordering from BalticDiag?


  • Bank transfer/Wire transfer 
  • Paypal
  • Western Union, 
  • Transfer Go
  • MoneyGram
  • Other payment methods available on request


How do I redeem a discount or special offer?


In case there is a discount or special offer it will be applied by sales representative.


How do I order? 


  • After choosing diagnostic tool you can contact sales department via email or live chat with your inquiry.
  • We will provide more information if needed, ask for your billing and shipping details and issue you offer and proforma invoice with all needed information for the payment.
  • After the invoice will be payed, we will start preparing your order.
  • When payment will be received, we will dispatch your order and send you confirmation, tracking number with your final paid invoice.


What information should I include when making the order? 


Please send your Full name, email, mobile number, shipping and billing address.


How long does it take to process the order?


After the payment is received, usually we dispatch the same or next business day. Shipping via DHL Express usually takes 3 - 5 business days. In case you are out of EU, then add couple of days at the customs.


What countries are available for shipping? 


We ship worldwide, so we can ship wherever you are. We use DPD and DHL.


What are delivery charges?


Shipping costs are calculated according to what you buy (weight and size) and where you want to be delivered, so full shipping cost can be calculated by sales representative and added to your quote.


I have made a payment, but did not receive any update.


If you paid by bank transfer, usually it takes 3 - 5 business days to be process, some countries even more. If it takes more, please check with your bank. If bank informs that everything is in order, please inform sales representative to check.


On other payment methods usually takes 1 - 3 days to be processed, in case you have not received any information, please inform sales representative to check.


What should I do if my order has not been delivered yet?


If you did not received tracking number, please contact sales representative on

If you received tracking number you can check delivery status:





What laptops do you offer?


We offer refurbished business class laptops or Military Grade Toughbooks on request. All our laptops are selected to work best with our diagnostic devices and software according to software requirements. We offer laptops with SSD hard drives, which offers the best performance.

If you have particular Laptop model in mind, we can provide it as a special order.

All our laptops are provided with 3 months warranty.


If I decide to use my own laptop, what do I need to know? 


We recommend to use our prepared laptop to assure the best performance of the software and hardware. Some software and interface devices only works with our laptops only.

In case you would like to use your own, you should check with us, what system requirements you need to have in order to use the software.


If I buy software only, do I get it in a CD or a flash drive?


The software can not be provided in CD / DVD or flash drive, because files are simply too big. Installation requires configurations, which in most cases can only be done by a professional, therefore we always recommend to buy software installed on our laptop or installed remotely by us.


What languages do you offer for the equipment?


Most of our equipment has most popular language selection. You can find supported languages in the product page. Otherwise, please contact us and we will double check, if you language you need is supported for the device you are looking for. Please contact us.


Can I ask for demo unit?


We do not offer demo units worldwide.




What language does your support speak?


English (written, spoken), Russian (written, spoken), all other languages can be inquired, but English will be used to answer.


I have received my order, but it has damage to it, what to do? 


Please take photos of the parcel (box), how it was packed and what is the damage. Please send it to or with information of your order. We will investigate what has happened. There is also an option to buy shipping insurance, in case you would like that, please inform sales person, before finalizing the order.


What to do if my device does not work?


Firstly check if all connectors and cables are in good condition. Check if Laptop works well. Try to restart the system. If this does not help, please contact our Technicians for support on or accordingly. Please provide serial number of the interface device and purchase date and detail explanation of the issue and when it happened.


Is there a warranty? How long?


On most of our software and hardware we offer 12 months warranty and support for software and hardware.


What are warranty limitations for software (programs)?


In addition to any other limitations and exclusions in this warranty, we are not responsible for, and this warranty does not cover:

  • If you install other software on the laptop, which interrupts / damages main diagnostic software;
  • If you delete necessary files;
  • If you run updates yourself;
  • And similar.

Nevertheless, what happens please inform us and we will try to help you. No matter what happens, we will do our best to provide our best service.


What are warranty limitations for hardware (devices)? 


In addition to any other limitations and exclusions in this warranty, we are not responsible for, and this warranty does not cover:

  • usage in the manner other than its original purpose;
  • failure or defects due to accident;
  • damage device while doing device firmware updates incorrectly;
  • damage device while using non proper power source, powering up from external power source;
  • damage device while using it with non proper cables and adapters or other accessories;
  • damage device while using it in conditions not compatible with conditions described in device user manual instructions.

Nevertheless, what happens please inform us about your issue. We will try to find the best solution in order to help you. We can offer maintenance / repair or any other service.


Do you provide support? How do I get it?


We provide support via Live Chat, phone, sms, Viber, Whatsapp and Email. If you have issues with software or need basic training, we will connect to your computer remotely and help you.

Contacts: (+370) 680 80003


What is remote assistance? 


Remote assistance is when we connect to your computer from our workstation. We can use your computer, check system issues or even you can see what we do if you like to see the basic training.


Can I get updates?


Yes. In need of an update, you can contact us and we will install it remotely to your laptop and check if everything works correctly.


Is there help after warranty period?


Yes! We offer software updates, service / repair and maintenance.


How do you fix software issues?


Most of the software issues can be fixed remotely. We will connect to your computer and check / repair software.


How do you fix hardware issues?


After inspection, that it is not a software issue and it has been identified as a hardware issue, we will ask to send it to our office. We will check and repair accordingly and ship back to you free of charge.