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ZF Testman DPA06 diagnostic solution (Laptop incl.) (code: ITM20161013152366)

ZF-Testman Pro checks the functionality of all electronically controlled ZF products. All transmission-specific data required for a fast and comprehensive diagnosis are retrievable by the ZF diagnosis system Testman.
With the assistance of the ZF-TESTMAN, you are best equipped for present and
future challenges and will profit directly from the expertise of ZF, a leading worldwide
company in driveline and chassis technology.
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Be Prepared!
We can offer an upgrade from business class laptop to military standard rugged laptop, which is designed to work in rough workshop or outdoor conditions.

Also some of other electronics can be sensitive, so we offer to store them safely in a hard – plastic case, which protects from dust and humid environment.
Rugged laptop Panasonic Toughbook CF-53
+300 EUR
(+330 USD)
Panasonic ToughBook with touch screen CF-C2
+150 EUR
(+170 USD)
Dust and humid resistant Hard-plastic case
+80 EUR
(+90 USD)
Solid state
drive (SSD)
SSD is a hard drive with no moving parts, so it is much faster, has better durability and gives you longer battery life.
100% Genuine hardware
This interface is made by official manufacturer, and it is the 100% genuine item, not a clone/knock off!
Best working software
Well running software is another important thing, so we guarantee for you best possible version available in the market.
12 months
after-sale support
We trust our products, so we offer worldwide warranty and after-sale support for all equipment remotely anywhere in the world.

ZF-Testman Pro checks the functionality of all electronically controlled ZF products. All transmission-specific data required for a fast and comprehensive diagnosis are retrievable by the ZF diagnosis system Testman.


Supported languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese.


zf testman DPA06 Interface ZF diagnosis system Testmanzf testman DPA06 Interface ZF diagnosis system Testman


  • Current errors;
  • Read error memory;
  • Delete error memory;
  • Read identification block;
  • Vehicle data sheet;

Test Inputs and Outputs:

  • System-check standstill;
  • System-check run;
  • Test unit (indication of all digital inputs and outputs);
  • Indication of all digital and analog values such as speeds, currents and voltages;


Repair support:

  • Tightening torques;
  • Setting data;
  • Special tools;
  • Test equipment;
  • Maintenance;
  • Repair work;
  • Pressures;
  • Circuit diagrams;
  • Electrical readouts;
  • PDF format;


Vehicle configuration:

Depending on product all vehicle specific data can be stored or shift programs selected and adjusted.


ZF Service & Repair Manuals ZF Service Data Management 

Truck coverage

Supported commercial vehicle/special transmissions:
  • ASTRONIC (1, 2, mid, lite, lite test rig, 2 assembly inspection, 2 test rig)
  • ECOMAT (1, 2/4, HP 260 CAN-Converter)
  • INTRADER (EST32, EST42/48)
  • AVS
  • WSK EST 41/61


Supported marine propulsion systems:

  • BW


Supported commercial vehicle steering systems:

  • ZF Servocomtronic (Servotronic F)


Supported automobile car steering systems:

  • EHPS (BMW R50, OPEL EP2)
  • ZF Servolectric (BMW E85, APA E72, APA E90, VW PQ35/45 + Audi TT, VW PQ35-3)
  • ZF Active Steering (BMW E60 PL1, E70 PL4, E90 PL2)
  • ZF Servotronic (Servotronic F)


Supported off-road driveline technology and asle systems:

  • ERGOPOWER (WG110-WG311, 2-3 WG-94, EST 117/125 - 119/126)
  • T7000 (T7100 EST38, T7200 EST38, T7300 EST38, T7000 EST45/57/57A/ PVS LS EST57A)
  • ECCOM (John Deere, Claas)
  • T557 EST57A
  • HC 85


Package contains

zf testman diagnostic tool cablescommercial vehicle/special transmissions cableLAN cable for zf testman dpa069-pin JPT (yellow) cable - CAN (ZF+VEH)/K-line
  • DPA06 Interface
  • 2 x Bluetooth sticks
  • Mini USB cable
  • USB cable
  • LAN cable
  • 15-pin male to female adapter
  • OBD2/5-pin cable - CAN (VEH)/K-line (optional pins)
  • 6-pin EST-37 cable - special version passau (only K-line)
  • 9-pin JPT (yellow) cable - CAN (ZF+VEH)/K-line
  • 9-pin MNL (white) cable - CAN (ZF)/J1708
  • 9-pin MNL (white) cable - CAN (ZF)/K-line
  • 9 to 6/3-pin cable - CAN (ZF)/K-line
  • Included refurbished business class laptop prepared to use with diagnostic tool
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