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- Dealer Grade TEXA Diagnostic Tool for Trucks with TEXA navigator TXTs scanner.
- BALTICDIAG edition provides configured and ready to use laptop with latest version of software, extended warranty and best price guarantee.
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Be Prepared!
We can offer an upgrade from business class laptop to military standard rugged laptop, which is designed to work in rough workshop or outdoor conditions.

Also some of other electronics can be sensitive, so we offer to store them safely in a hard – plastic case, which protects from dust and humid environment.
Rugged laptop Panasonic Toughbook CF-52
+300 EUR
(+330 USD)
Panasonic ToughBook with touch screen CF-C2
+150 EUR
(+170 USD)
Dust and humid resistant Hard-plastic case
+80 EUR
(+90 USD)
Solid state
drive (SSD)
SSD is a hard drive with no moving parts, so it is much faster, has better durability and gives you longer battery life.
100% Genuine hardware
This interface is made by official manufacturer, and it is the 100% genuine item, not a clone/knock off!
Best working software
Well running software is another important thing, so we guarantee for you best possible version available in the market.
12 months
after-sale support
We trust our products, so we offer worldwide warranty and after-sale support for all equipment remotely anywhere in the world.

TEXA Diagnostic tool can benefit every workshop

texa diagnostic
Over the past years, the electronic systems installed on an industrial vehicles have been developing quickly, improving the vehicle's functionality, safety and comfort. That is why today the diagnostic tools is an essential piece of equipment for every vehicle workshop.

Further developments, along with the ability to calculate an increasingly larger number of electronic control units, brought the self-diagnosis to continue evolving, allowing in time not only the possibility to view the errors stored, but also to view the parameters, to check the components and to reprogram the control unit itself.

TEXA diagnostic scanner is always evolving also and is a perfect diagnostic tool to any mechanic.

Every component is extremely high quality that is why your investment in TEXA diagnostic solution is long term also you avoid software or hardware problems in the middle of work.

TEXA Diagnostic tool we offer with NAVIGATOR TXTs. This interface by TEXA is most powerful. More information about interface you will find below.

Diagnostic tool TEXA is modular solution, that's why our BALTICDIAG team can offer customized solution according your budget and your technical requirements. TEXA diagnostic tool price depends from various components so it is always useful to get advice from BALTICDIAG sales managers.

First we offer basic package and later on you can expand your possibilities by buying additional cables or software subscriptions. Also we can complete and bundle solution which will have best performance - add full bundle of cables, install software with updates subscription and configure everything with Panasonic ToughBook which runs as fast as possible.  
texa navigator

FOCUS on Navigator TXTs

The NAVIGATOR TXTs is the most powerful, highest performer of TEXA's vehicles interfaces and lets you work in the CAR, TRUCK, BIKE, OFF-HIGHWAY and MARINE environments.

You can use it to run autodiagnostic tests, view parameters, status activate devices, perform adjustments and configurations, reset warning lights, maintenance, service and airbag indicators, configure ECUs, program keys and remotes and much more.

The NAVIGATOR TXTs is compatible with PASS-THRU protocol, which allows workshops to connect to manufacturers' central servers and download software packages or official technical information.

IDC5 SOFTWARE Diagnosis without frontiers

IDC5 is the latest generation of TEXA's renewed operating system and another step forward to assist technicians. Thanks to major improvements in code the new system is faster than ever and guarantees virtually instant communication with vehicle's control units.


The graphic interface of IDC5 is designed to resemble the latest consumer applications, simplifying and making the various steps in maintenance and repair procedures more intuitive. On top of this, all diagnostic pages have been redesigned to give a fuller view of the most relevant information. Another new function allows you view and manage vehicle parameters. These can be displayed in graphic form and can be filtered using text searches or by selecting those specifically required. Even the downloading of updates is faster in the new software. IDC5 is constantly evolving and is open to new technologies that appear in the near future.

idc5 texa diagnostic software screenshots

Software IDC5 - More opportunities with less complexity

TEXA's SW environment is designed and implemented to be a practical working tool, useful and intuitive.

TEXA, every day more and more.

Every day a new feature, every day a new challenge. TEXA's developers are committed to releasing improvements and updates on a daily basis, because being up-to-date is an essential requirement.

Even more qualified diagnosis, with an even more intuitive tool

TEXA is constantly analyzing vehicle markets worldwide and increasing its diagnostic coverage, therefore providing subscribed vehicle repairers with the possibility to have a tool that can easily manage a great number of makes, models and systems thanks to software releases and continuous updates. Keep in mind to order software subscription - it is worth a price.

On top of that, the diagnostic adjustments are so thoroughly developed that TEXA's solutions can be compared to the official make-specific testers. TEXA is well aware that mechanics need an easy-to-use tool, which is why its team develops wiring diagrams on a daily basis, making them uniform and easy to understand for retained mechanics.

As a forerunner in the world of diagnosis on a futuristic level, TEXA has developed DASHBOARDS that allow mechanics to have an immediate, dynamic view of the selected parameters.

Moreover, TEXA has developed customer management, the software that allows vehicle repairers to manage all customer data in a built-in-solution.


  • Truck troubleshooting one-click solution
    Troubleshooting is an advanced function of TEXA software: an internal search engine to identify the possible causes of a fault in a control unit: to solve the fault, prevent it from occurring again and restore proper operation. Today, troubleshooting has been further enhanced with a great number of case studies.  

  • Truck wiring diagrams
    Always more wiring diagrams, to work better, with utmost clarity and precision.

  • Special adjustments
    The special adjustments are an advanced, characteristic function by TEXA. They allow carrying out far more complex operations than the basic adjustments


texa software benefits idc5



truck system industrial vehicleUnparalleled medium and heavy duty truck coverage - easy, consistent and powerful!



  • Multiple Platform Flexibility - our configured laptop.
  • Cost effective optional update subscriptions
  • NO skip penalties for missed updates
  • Fast Multi-System Scan with DTC Report and broadcast DTC Clearing Capability
  • Data graphing
  • Multiple, customizable data lists can be saved for quick acquisition of key data that YOU want to see - now you no longer need to customize your data each time
  • Advanced truck programming functions: Injector coding, DPF regeneration, Speed limit, PTO Configurations, Maintenance Resets and more.
  • Bi-directional Testing: Compression test, Fuel pump test, Cylinder cut-of, EGR Test, Fan Test and more.
  • Integrated customer/fleet management tools
  • Integrated wiring diagrams with components locations and component information
  • Data recording and "test drive function" for live parameters (up to 8 customized parameters)


Truck coverage

TEXA diagnostic scanner coverage is one of the widest in the market. TEXA support more than 28000 truck models. Please contact us and we will check if you want to know about specific model support.

Package contains

This package includes:


  • TEXA Navigator TXTs interface
  • OBD2 Cable


 We start by offer for basic solution, but you always can contact us for additional items, check these:


  • Truck Cable Kit 
  • Trailer Cable Kit
  • Bus Cable Kit
  • Subscription for Updates



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