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The high-quality genuine Scania VCI 2 Truck Diagnostic Tool versus the cheap low-quality fake




 In this article we are going to compare a cheap Chinese imitation of Scania VCI 2 Truck Diagnostic Tool with our professional dealer-level VCI 2.


We searched for this specific tool on Alibaba and as soon as we found it, we took a risk to buy it for only a little bit lower price than ours. We had no idea that we will get a cheap clone tool as the seller displayed pictures of the original tool and the price was not too low.


Thus please, learn from our mistakes and take our advice - always ask your seller to send you the real photos of an item instead of stock photos, which usually are rather deceptive.


Now let's take a closer look at these two tools in order to distinguish them and tell which one of the diagnostic tools is an original and which one is a cheap version of it. 


vci2 truck diagnostic for scania 


You can see our original tool on the left side and on the right side is an imitation of our tool that we bought from another seller.


First of all, a clone tool was shipped to us in a plastic box, whereas the original tool is packed in a plastic bag or in a cardboard box. We noticed one more significant difference - the USB cable of the original tool is much longer and of better quality compared to the USB cable of the clone tool. Thus we can safely assume that the original tool in this regard is much more effective and easier to work with.






On the left side you can see our tool and on the right side is an imitation of our tool that we bought from another seller.


The colors of tools differ: the color of the original Scania VCI 2 Truck Diagnostic Tool is mat and brighter than the color of the clone tool. Also, the clone tool is made of plastic whereas the original tool is made of metal. Moreover, the Scania logo on the clone tool is not original as it is too wide and the letters seem to be too narrow.

The size of the clone tool label does not seem to be right either. In fact, the label does not seem to be in its right place at all as it partially covers the LED holes and it is not in the same spot as the label of the original tool is.


scania obd2 



The Scania OBD2 plastic connector cable, which you can see on the left, is made of high quality materials (for example, the high-quality plastic of the original tool is slightly rubberized which makes it easy to grip).


Also, the metal connectors are stronger than the connectors of the cheaper clone tool, which you can see on the right.


As you can see, the original Scania OBD2 connector cable, which is on the left, has a metal clip, whereas the cheap clone of Scania OBD2 connector cable has an empty hole in the exact same place. 


vci2 scania 



On the back of the original tool there are no labels or logos whatsoever, whereas on the back of the cheaper version there is a label containing fake information about the tool. To top it all, the tools that our company sells have a warranty. Here you can learn more about our warranty seal labels.



Always remember one thing: a business that makes money from selling clone tools cannot be considered to be trustful. Our company aims to provide the best quality equipment as we want our customers to get only a positive experience. That is why we do not recommend you taking a risk and trusting some unknown private sellers. The use of clone diagnostic scanners might result in the damage of your truck and its functions. The performance of the clone tool might also be slower than that of the original tool.

Take our professional advice - do not use any clone tools, stick only to high-quality devices.




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