TOP 5 tool for trucks


One of the best investments you can make is Truck Scan Tool, and it doesn’t matter if you’re a professional mechanic, or just someone who wants to avoid expensive diagnostic fees at your local dealership.

Before we talk about:

The Best Diagnostic Tools in 2022:

There are 4 important things to consider, when looking at different types of tools, or diagnostic tools.

First, let’s establish some terminology. When you search for scan tools, you need to quickly learn that there are different terms used for diagnostic tools. Here are some of what you might see:

  • Truck diagnostics scanner 
  • Heavy duty truck scanner with DPF regen 
  • Diesel scanner Tool 
  • Truck diagnostic tool 
  • Heavy Duty scan tool  
  • Truck reader 
  • Truck diagnostic scan reader 
  • Diesel heavy duty scanner 
  • Semi-truck scanner 
  • Truck diagnostic scan reader 
  • Diesel scanner 
  • Truck scanner app

Truck Diagnostic Tool

We need to know what questions to ask yourself when picking out the best scan tool.


1. Will the heavy-duty truck diagnostic scan tool work on my vehicle?


Every truck manufacturer has specific requirements for connecting and reading data from your truck. You must make sure the tool that you purchase is designed and tested for your vehicle. BalticDiag recommends to choose the right diagnostic tool, and don't use any cheap equipment, because truck is not the cheapest vehicle.

Issues with connecting the wrong tool to your truck include:  

  • Can bus errors;
  • Blowing the diagnostic fuse, causing fault codes in other sub-systems such as ABS, TCS,  airbag and more.

It's important that the heavy-duty scan tool has all the required adapters or harnesses for your specific vehicle. 


2. Is the truck diagnostic scanner easy to use?


Having a tool that is easy to use is one of the most important components. The user-friendly environment is determined by the software  which in our shop products is non-complicated, have shortcuts, understandable menus and etc.

When buying “Cheapest”option scan tools can be overly complex and difficult to use, and it can be overwhelming if this is your first time using one. 

But always good to know that BalticDiag have amazing Support Team which can help you and After Sales. So any problem you will have – we will solve it.


TOP 6 Functions in a scan tool

    3. What are TOP 6 functions to look for in a scan tool?


    A very important part of a heavy-duty diesel scan tool are the functions that it performs. Does the tool you are considering have all the capabilities that you are looking for?  

    The following are functions that you should be on the look out for:  

    1. Read active & inactive fault codes 
    2. Read live data  
    3. Perform Advanced commands 
    4. Perform parameter adjustments such as road speed and cruise control.  
    5. Track the history of the fault codes. 
    6. Print a report on the vehicle.  


    4. Are software updates included?


    A scan tool will require a software update whenever there is an issue that is discovered,  or an improvement is made.  

    But again, it's great to know that our Support Team is always ready to help you.


    So, whats the best Diagnostic Tool for truck in 2022?


    BaltciDiag spends a lot of time to analyze clients needs, and now we finally can list for you 5 best diagnostic tools for trucks.


    Jaltest Diagnostic Truck Set

    1. Jaltest Diagnostic Truck Set


    Best of the Best Truck diagnostic device.
    Why do we recommend this device?

    • 50,000+ Bi-Directional Testing Procedures;
    • 17,000+ Troubleshooting and Repair Guides linked to Diagnostic Trouble Codes;
    • 14,000+ Circuit Diagrams;
    • 60,000+ Symptom Diagnostic Troubleshooting Guides;
    • 57,000+ Technical Specification Data Resources (Electrical Systems);
    • 3,000+ System Technical Data Specifications (Mechanical and Electrical systems);
    • 2,000+ Customizable PM and Service Scheduling Processes;
    • 7,000+ Calibrations;
    • 200+ Vehicle Diagnostic and System Release or Reset Procedures;
    • Diagnostic Report Includes Vehicle, Operational and Diagnostic Information


    2. Volvo Vocom 88890300 V2.8, Development Edition


    2nd in our rate came Volvo Vocom II .

    It can offer complete range of diagnostic operations for Volvo heavy duty vehicles made since 2002 with available high speed connection to the ECU via high quality cable.
    This diagnostic tool is designed with a  focus on robustness and durability to withstand the tough workshop environment.

    The set of plug-ins, user authorizations, and available languages is adjustable to provide every user with what they need.



    3. Scania VCI3 Diagnostic Tool


    Scania VCI3 is designed to support all Scania diagnostic systems based on CAN networks. It's an extremely fast yet very compact diagnostic tool.

    • One of the most interesting new features that can be found in Scania VCI3 is a Wifi wireless connection (also there is a USB connector for wired connection).
    • From now you can work without wired connection to your truck, just forget these problems like damaged data cables and other disadvantages of wired connections.
    • Software support for Scania VCI3 appeared in Scania SDP3 v2.42 version, so if you want to use this tool you need this version of SDP3 or later versions of this software.
    • The device is designed for full service trucks, buses, and other heavy vehicles, which are produced by the corporation SCANIA. Adapter works in conjunction with software SDP-3.

    The main feature of VCI3 - Work through a high-speed WI-FI connection. Also in the device has a USB port. 


    TEXA trucks and trailers digaostic tool

    4. Texa Truck And Trailer Diagnostic Tool

    Texa Truck Diagnostic Tools Features:

    • Multiple Platform Flexibility - our configured laptop.
    • Cost effective optional update subscriptions
    • NO skip penalties for missed updates
    • Fast Multi-System Scan with DTC Report and broadcast DTC Clearing Capability
    • Multiple, customizable data lists can be saved for quick acquisition of key data that YOU want to see - now you no longer need to customize your data each time
    • Advanced truck programming functions: Injector coding, DPF regeneration, Speed limit, PTO Configurations, Maintenance Resets and more.
    • Bi-directional Testing: Compression test, Fuel pump test, Cylinder cut-of, EGR Test, Fan Test and more.
    • Integrated customer/fleet management tools
    • Data recording and "test drive function" for live parameters (up to 8 customized parameters)



    MAN T427 with laptop

    5. MAN T427 with MAN CATS3


    Finally, MAN T427 original diagnostic & programming device is an external diagnosis system with the most extensive test depth for electrical systems in MAN commercial vehicles. This diagnosis system is ideally suited to use in a workshop as well as mobile usage. It is a special dealer-level diagnostic tool for MAN trucks and it supports both Diagnose and Offline programming.



    We are selling devices with Laptop included, which means that After Sale you don't have to worry about anything. Just Plug into your Truck and use. In case you have any issue. Our support team is always ready to help you.