You have probably already noticed that we always include refurbished computers to all our diagnostic solutions. Highly-trained specialists perform tests and prepares the equipment fast and at the best quality you can get. But let's dig deeper and find out more about refurbished computers and why they are a crucial point in truck diagnosis.


Nowadays diagnosis equipment is really hard to combine with a standard laptop or any other pc. The versions themselves are quite different, so to adapt everything to work properly, drivers, ports and etc. is not that easy. Our company always provides the exact compatibility, for the information exchange between the operating system and the program itself, to work with no issues once so ever. MAN CATS II is one of the diagnostic tools which requires some exact properties to be set, for example, it uses a specific operating system, it requires some specific drivers and etc. The manufacturer of the OS doesn't provide any updates or supports this operating system anymore. So our professionals must adjust all properties in the manual mode. As this process requires extra high knowledge of programming and similar, it is almost impossible for the customer himself to prepare a computer for diagnostic use or it may take years of practice before you could do so.


Refurbished computers takes the market with a lower price. The extra fee for buying the computer as new is not included, as well as the refurbishing of it. The computer comes with the best quality-price relation. We prepare it with a new HDD, various tests, newest drivers and etc. Although the appearance may not be very satisfying, but it will do its work in the best way possible.

Why we do it?

„Our company always provides a full solution for the client to correspond the need. The product you already own, must be able to use here and now. We are taking a big step to improve the facilities to a new level and providing the need for refurbished laptops." - says Tom Peeters, Baltic Diagnostic Services project manager. By doing so we get happy customers who owns all of the prepared equipment to work instantly.

The only known issue


The only issue of these computers are the battery life. All of the diagnosis and equipment drains a lot of RAM data storage memory and in the same time the battery. But we always inform our customers of this issue and offer an extra new batteries for a small fee.


We are always in search of making your diagnostic experience as best as it can get and will continue to search ways for improving it in the most simple and express way possible.