Current trend in the market is to outsource the services and minimize the expenses of company and specialize only in your field. This gives a lot of opportunities to start your business offering services to other companies.

We have been approached by one of the companies in the UK offering diagnostic service in the field. The company is operating in medium level, offering diagnostics and mild maintenance service, wherever their customers are. This way, their main clients are construction or agriculture companies who have their own vehicles. Most common situation is when heavy machine stops operating due to some issue and it is too expensive to transport it to the nearest dealer or garage for check up.

Business with correct diagnostic tools

The company has started on a small scale (1 – 2 technicians) with 2 vans, equipped with most common garage tools and diagnostic tools. The diagnostic tools, where purchased from us.

So how they operate? They receive a call about a broken vehicle, arrange the maintenance.

What they always start from when they arrive, is running a diagnostics, which finds the problem with the vehicle and most of the time it requires just some minor maintenance work. If not, the customer is offered with a solution – either to fix on site or bring it to the garage. The cost of a garage visit is usually something, which is not time and cost efficient. So full service is offered on site.

Independent technician’s diagnostic solution

All managed with our diagnostic laptop with dealer-level features: showed the fault, live engine tests with live parameters and to help wiring schematics and module diagrams was used, which led to offer a solution. Parts for service ordered on site as well and after delivery replaced, calibrated and live tested. In this way, the company has provided the service for the vehicle, with saved time and financial loss of the end user.

This is just a simple example, but what if you would need to do something more? Other features, like calibrations, adaptations are also available on the site, without visiting a dealer. Our tools let’s you use dealer level features while still being an independent field mechanic.

Technicians, can provide such service for 2 – 3 customers per day. The end user receives full service and solution on the same day and most of the time is happy with the saved time, so they will continue with their construction or agricultural business.

Improve your business

With limited functionality or low / mid-level diagnostic tools you have quite limited possibilities to offer services for your clients, so companies who cooperate with us, invest in diagnostic laptops and expand their businesses, which expands the scope of business and client circle.

This kind of business model is becoming more and more popular, so if you are a technician or a mechanic, working in a garage, consider to expand your business to work in the field as well.

We offer diagnostic solutions for off-highway heavy equipment, which can be used on the move, provided with laptop and software, which works offline without limitations. All optimized to offer the best experience for you and your end customer.