Baltic Diagnostic Service is not only a company, which sells diagnostic equipment or other garage equipment. We are also proud enthusiasts of autosport.

Our team members not only participates in amateur races, semi-pro races, street car meets or other car culture events, but also we are proud sponsors of one of the circuit race teams famous not only in Lithuania or Baltic Countries, but all around the world.

We are proud of ourselves, to be able to give our support, share our knowledge with top class racing teams. It is a great honor, to have their trust in our company and our top class products and give them support, when it is needed.

Recently GSR Motorsport team has participated in one of the most difficult race tracks in Belgium - SPA-Francorchamps Race track. 12-hour race took place at the track, same track, where F-1 races takes place. The track itself is almost 7 km long, full of difficult corners and fast straights, which requires professional and skilled drivers.

This kind of races are famous all around the world and are organized in Europe, Asia and America. You can follow the races, see qualifications and actual races on, YouTube and of course on TV.

Our sponsored team participated in TCE and TCR classes, which is most popular classes for drivers from all around the world.

TCE class is somewhat special - every car is technically identical and TCR class is for all touring cars, which still has a body.

In order to classify in TCE class, all cars were retunned with the same ECU tune for everyone, to have all cars identical. For our Golf GTI TCR engineers installed latest ECU tunne, which was was not fully compatible with sequential gearbox, which caused some issues. The team was driving hard for 12 hours, fighting gearbox issues and roughly lost 1 hour and 45 minutes, because of this issue, which let them take only 5th place in TCE class and 9th place in TCR.

We checked with the team and they are happy with the results and waiting for the next races, constantly preparing and improving the car and we are happy to help them!