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DAF truck diagnostic tools

daf truck diagnostic tool


DAF trucks have one dealer-level diagnostic tool DAF VCI-560 MUX. This tool maybe just one, but VCI-560 is very powerful fault diagnosis device. Used in combination with a PC, it provides a tool for quick and efficient analysis of vehicle faults also diagnose, troubleshoot and program all DAF systems. 

BalticDiag.com offers for you latest version of multi-language VCI-560 diagnostic tool for DAF trucks, busses, military vehicles and construction vehicles. 


You can buy it as a bundle/full kit diagnostic solution: DAF-560 + DELL PC (ready to use with DAF-560) + VCI-560 USB cable + DAF Cable to connect to the vehicle (round 16 pin cable for older trucks) + 16-pin OBD2 cable. This solution will  guarantee for you best diagnostic experience ofr your DAF vehicle. For more information please view below.


Also Magneti Marelli Flex universal heavy duty diagnostic tool is great for DAF trucks,  but not as good as original VCI-560 truck diagnostic tool.

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DAF / Paccar VCI-560 MUX (Laptop incl.)

DAF / Paccar VCI-560 MUX (Laptop incl.)

•Included refurbished diagnostic laptop prepared to use with DAF VCI-560 MUX truck diagnostic tool
• The only dedicated DAF diagnostic tool
• Multi language
• Has 2 types of adapters for the newer and older trucks
Price: 2 880.00 USD
2 400.00 EUR
Price: 2 638.80 USD
2 199.00 EUR
With prepared laptop
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Knorr-Bremse Truck Diagnostic for brakes (Laptop incl.)

Knorr-Bremse Truck Diagnostic for brakes (Laptop incl.)

• Trailer disc brakes diagnostic system
• With the help of this diagnosic solution, you can read and delete the fault recorder, and also carry out a System Test
• Allows the configuring of various additional functions of the trailer control system and thereby the broadening of the systems range of functions
Price: 2 760.00 USD
2 300.00 EUR
Price: 2 398.80 USD
1 999.00 EUR
incl. Laptop. Price without VAT
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ZF Testman DPA06 diagnostic solution (Laptop incl.)

ZF Testman DPA06 diagnostic solution (Laptop incl.)

ZF-Testman Pro checks the functionality of all electronically controlled ZF products. All transmission-specific data required for a fast and comprehensive diagnosis are retrievable by the ZF diagnosis system Testman.
With the assistance of the ZF-TESTMAN, you are best equipped for present and
future challenges and will profit directly from the expertise of ZF, a leading worldwide
company in driveline and chassis technology.
Price: 5 098.80 USD
4 249.00 EUR
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Jaltest Truck Diagnostic Set

Jaltest Truck Diagnostic Set

jaltest on highway diagnostic set price
• This set is prepared and suitable to use with on-highway TRUCKS only
• The Jaltest diagnosis tool is ideally suited for truck diagnosis. It peforms multibrand diagnosis with a single unit, which makes it more convenient and easy-to-use.
Price: 4 638.00 USD
3 865.00 EUR
Price: 4 558.80 USD
3 799.00 EUR
This diagnostic set ready to use with trucks
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